Thursday, April 18, 2019

The 2,000-Year-Old Body That Still Has Hair, Eyelashes, And Blood In Her Veins

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Xin Zhui who is also known as Lady Day was the Marquise of Dai during the Western Han dynasty in ancient China. Her tomb was found 2,000 years after her death inside a hill named Mawangdui in China with hundreds of valuable artifacts and documents alongside her body. What surprised everyone, however, was how incredibly well preserved her body was thousands of years after her death. Lady Day was found with all of her organs and blood vessels intact, there was also a small amount of Type A blood found in her veins, and she still had hair and eyelashes. Scientists found seeds of melon in her stomach which led them to believe she died during the melon season in summer; this also meant she died within a couple of hours of eating a melon. What surprised everyone the most was the mysterious liquid that her body was soaked in? It was mildly acidic and had some magnesium in it, and it was probably what helped to preserve her body. To this day scientists still don’t know what kind of liquid it was.

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